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Sporting Age - Stay At Home Challenge

What is the Sporting Age Stay At Home Challenge?

The Sporting Age Stay At Home Challenge helps you keep your child fit, active and progressing their movement skills while they’re away from school. You could say it’s a replacement PE lesson where you become the teacher!

The challenge will give you the evidence that your child has learned and developed through the process – all while using everyday household items like towels and socks to create fun, interactive lessons!

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How do I know it actually works?

The #StayAtHomeChallenge combines fun, easy set-up skills tests with expert scientific analysis to work out if your child’s level of ability at skills such as running, jumping and throwing is on track with their age.

This level of ability is known as their Sporting Age.

Most importantly, the #StayAtHomeChallenge gives you the tools you need to help your child improve their ability, encouraging them to finish the challenge with an improved Sporting Age.

How easy is it to set up?

It’s really simple. Here’s how it works:

Stage 1
Your child completes a series of three fun skills tests at home, with a score for each one:
1) A speed bounce test
2) A target throw test
3) A fast feet test

Stage 2
1) Return to our website and submit the scores from the three skills tests
2) Using the scores, our platform technology will generate a Sporting Age for your child (which you will receive later)
3) You will also receive a programme of new skills challenges for your child to practice over a 2 week period!

Stage 3
1) After 2 weeks of practice, your child repeats the three skills tests in Stage 1
2) You submit your child’s new scores via the online platform
3) We generate your child’s new Sporting Age so they (and you!) can see how they have developed their skills!

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