Don’t be in the dark about student’s progress.

After running the other morning, my friend was telling me how her new Garmin recorded her VO2 max (maximum amount of oxygen a person can utilise during exercise). I then started to question if my own Garmin, which I got as a birthday present 9 months earlier did the same. Not wanting to feel left out I went home and connected it to my Garmin app and there it was on my stats, my VO2 max! I have since found out that not only can you view it on the app, you can view on the watch itself.

One thing that my VO2 max showed, was that it is at a level of an excellent 20-year-old (not bad for a 40-year-old) and is also in the top 10% for my age and gender. This is information which I have been in the dark about for the last nine months!

The main reason that I didn’t know about this is because I didn’t have the time to sit and read a manual or have the patience to sit and see what features it has. Being in the top 10% for my age group feels good to know, good to know that all the hard work I put into exercise is paying off.

At Sporting Age, we test the fundamental movement skills of Primary School children. The results are compared against thousands of pieces of data and each child comes out with their own ‘Sporting Age’. Just like my VO2 max result showed I was in the top 10%, Sporting Age highlights the top 20% of performers and also the 20% who may need additional interventions.

The added benefit for teachers is that they don’t have to spend hours researching and planning as stage appropriate lesson plans are included.

Now in all honesty there isn’t much I can do with the data I have about my VO2 max, other than the fact I know I am on the right path to embarking on a lifetime participation in physical activity.

Sporting Age however is very different and generates powerful, scientific results
• The results help the Children progress by engaging in fun, motivational and stage appropriate PE lessons.
• We take the stress away from busy Teachers by upskilling through our in depth ready-made lesson plans.
• Parents have deeper knowledge of their child’s abilities post parents evening
• It is the perfect tool to help report against the KPI’s to external bodies.

Don’t be the school who is in the dark about their pupils’ progress, unlock the potential of every child in your school.

Andrea (wonders what my VO2 max would have been if Sporting Age was around when I was at school) Springthorpe

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