Meet the Sporting Age Team – Andrea Springthorpe

In this feature, we put a member of the Sporting Age team in the spotlight to find out a bit more about them at work and at home. This time, it’s the turn of Andrea Springthorpe, Director of Operations.

Summarise your role in a couple of sentences:
It’s pretty varied! As Director of Operations, I’m involved in the majority of aspects within the business. That could be account tracking, contract generation, partner meetings, sales, marketing, or customer liaison – to mention just a few!

What’s your favourite part of the job?
The fact that my role is so varied means every day brings something new, which I love.

How did you get into working in the sports education sector?
After years of working in the corporate business world, I changed my career after doing an Exercise and Health degree. After starting a fitness business training adults, I then added a junior/children’s coaching side to the company. It was then that I met my Sporting Age co-directors, Shaun and Jonny, and came on board with the company.

Do you play any sport as a hobby or professionally, and if so what do you love about it?
I go to the gym, run and swim. I like exercising to keep fit and healthy and also it is my ‘switch off’ time.

What three words do you hope your colleagues use to describe you?
Reliable, honest, and productive.

Where are we most likely to find you when you’re not at work?
Either exercising or in a coffee shop (or occasionally swapping the basic coffee to Espresso Martinis!)

What’s your favourite place in Yorkshire and why?
I really like North Yorkshire as most places up there are very pretty.

Why do you think the work Sporting Age is doing is so important?
The obesity epidemic is on the increase and teachers have much less time to concentrate on a subject in which many of them lack confidence due to limited training on PE. Plus, children seem to get more enjoyment out of computer games and so are becoming less active both in and out of school. We aim to help busy teachers deliver PE lessons which are both enjoyable and stage appropriate, while building confidence in both the children and teaching staff. By increasing levels of confidence and enjoyment, we aim to help improve the obesity crisis!

What three words best describe the Sporting Age way of doing things?
Simple, scientific, successful!

Andrea Springthorpe
Sporting Age

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