Meet the Sporting Age Team – Shaun Fox

In this feature, we put a member of the Sporting Age team in the spotlight to find out a bit more about them at work and at home. This time, it’s the turn of Shaun Fox, CEO.

Summarise your role in a couple of sentences:
I oversee the development of the Sporting Age platform and it’s my job to engage with primary schools to help as many as possible to improve levels of physical literacy through Sporting Age.

What’s your favourite part of the job?
There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing how young people and teachers are more confident and competent at the end of the Sporting Age programme.

How did you get into working in the sports education sector?
I’m a qualified PE teacher and also worked as a Partnership Development Manager previously.

Do you play any sport as a hobby or professionally, and if so what do you love about it?
I played football at a good local standard for 30 years, but have slowed down to crown green bowls nowadays!

What three words do you hope your colleagues use to describe you?
Honest, loyal, entrepreneurial.

Where are we most likely to find you when you’re not at work?
Walking my dog or on the bowling green.

What’s your favourite place in Yorkshire and why?
York is a stunning; it’s such a vibrant city with the bonus of a great racecourse.

Why do you think the work Sporting Age is doing is so important?
It’s a fact that young people are not as active as they once were, and Sporting Age is tackling that by helping to increase levels of activity among current and future generations of school children.

What three words best describe the Sporting Age way of doing things?
Scientific, meaningful, impactful.

Enjoyed this? Why not find out more about Shaun’s journey to starting Sporting Age by reading his interview with the Yorkshire Post?

Shaun Fox
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