Not even a wet paper towel can cure this!

The other day at Sporting Age HQ I was talking to some of the coaches, discussing how ‘a wet paper towel’ can cure many things when it comes to Primary School Children… cut yourself – put a wet paper towel on it, got a sore head – put a wet paper towel on it, childhood obesity, put a wet paper towel on it!!

Now I am guessing that nearly 100% of Primary Schools in the UK have ‘paper towels’ in their store cupboards (or some type of alternative), alongside those paper towels is no doubt a first aid kit to deal with those cuts and bumps.

So the question is what do Primary schools have alongside those paper towels in order to tackle childhood Obesity? Because not even a wet paper towel can cure this rapid growing epidemic!

Childhood Obesity is not something which can be cured over-night or something which will heal itself in a week or two, it is something which needs constant attention and ongoing consistency when it comes to getting children active.

PE tool boxes should be full of products that can help up-skill and increase teacher’s confidence. Products which allow children to complete personal challenges, motivating them to become the best version of themselves. Tools which help increase physical literacy through a scientific approach enabling children to become confident and competent movers. Sporting Age was designed with all this in mind and will help towards lifelong participation in physical activity and health.

Andrea ‘obesity buster’ Springthorpe

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