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Sporting Age was formed in 2016 to address the declining movement skills and inactivity levels of young people in primary schools. The evidence is clear that movement is fundamental to the physical development of a young child.

Working closely with leading educationalists and physical education practitioners, we combined our significant experience and expertise as PE teachers with science and technology to begin to transform movement skills in schools.

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The importance of movement within schools

Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) are the most basic movements we can make and they can be built up into complex actions. It is very similar to language, where each individual sound needs to be mastered to correctly form words.

These movements involve different body parts such as the legs, arms, trunk and head and include skills such as running, hopping, catching, throwing, striking and balancing.

From birth, we naturally start to develop fundamental movement skills of our own accord; but this doesn’t mean we’re doing it the best way, or even right for that matter.

Our passion at Sporting Age is to make sure that young people benefit from having the best and correct start in their movement journey. We want to empower and inspire young people from an early age to reach their movement potential and live a more active, enriching and successful life.

By taking the time to specifically teach children to master their fundamental movement skills at an early age, we give them the tools they need to undertake more complex movement skills with greater ease. Developing movement skills is the foundation of PE and school sport as this helps support young people in their development as competent, confident and healthy movers.

Benefits of delivering a Sporting Age Programme

Whole School Benefits

Reduces Teacher Workload

Sporting Age generates 8 stage appropriate, teacher friendly lesson plans for each year group, saving hours of planning time.

Improves Teacher Knowledge

Our online Scheme of Work helps teachers and schools to understand the vital importance of MOVEMENT SKILLS and how to help each pupil become a confident and competent mover.

Builds Student Knowledge and Understanding

Questioning techniques used in both the SMART PRISM and SMART MOTION programmes ensure that pupils understand and achieve key targets to enable maximum individual progress.

Provides School with valuable data

Cutting edge, reliable and accurate data demonstrates individual, class and whole school progress. Impact reports are generated automatically, providing teachers with scientific evidence.

Improves Attainment

Evidence shows that between Assessments 1 and 2, pupils improve their skill levels in FUNDAMENTAL MOVEMENT.

Improves Pupil Well-Being

Recent scientific studies have shown that physical movement reduces levels of anxiety, releases physical energy, lowers blood pressure, develops stronger muscles and bones, increases social interaction, and encourages all aspects of learning and development.

Improves Pupil Life Skills

Movement also helps to develop important life skills for children such as sharing, listening, taking turns, teamwork, self-belief, and self-awareness; benefits that extend throughout the education curriculum and for the rest of their lives.


Can you deliver a broad and balanced PE Curriculum?

This is the remit of schools. Our role is to enhance, add depth and compliment the existing curriculum of each school. Involvement in Sporting Age means that a young person will be able to improve their movement skills, which allows them to develop and gain the most out of every other aspect of the PE curriculum.

Are you just a sports coaching company?

Our focus is solely on improving the movement skills of young people through our SA programme, and we are proud to specialise in this area. Testing, interventions and the delivery of other PE related activities are not delivered by Sporting Age.


How much does Sporting Age cost each school?

The whole school Sporting Age programme including all assessments and resources costs £395 per academic year.

Do you provide teachers with help on how to develop Movement skills?

Yes, our focus is on educating primary school teachers to help their pupils develop Fundamental Movement Skills. Following initial assessments, the teachers can access all the movement lesson plans.

Do you have a case study/success story of how Sporting Age has helped a school improve their movement skills.

Yes! We are delighted to have many testimonials, recommendations and positive feedback. For a flavour, please see our Latest News.

Is Sporting Age GDPR compliant?

GDPR is exceptionally important to us. We worked closely with ‘Data Tools for Schools Ltd’ who have created our GDPR policy.

Can class teachers run challenge days?

Challenge days can be run in house by a teacher or staff member as full instructions are available on how to carry out the testing.

How do I know the platform is user friendly?

The platform has been designed and developed from extensive feedback from teachers and created with them in mind. Continuous improvement is at the heart of everything we do.

How will Sporting Age help children be more active in other activities?

Sporting Age helps to improve Fundaments Movement Skills which in turn helps to develop skills and confidence to take part in other activities, such as after school clubs and sports clubs.

Will the Sporting Age programme demoralise the non-sporty pupils?

At Sporting Age we feel the opposite will happen as the practical assessments are all designed around the individual. This removes the pressure to perform as a team. The lesson plans are differentiated for different levels of ability. If a child is allowed to work within their own, individual ability, this will build confidence and competence.

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