What’s Your Sporting Age?

During the Coronavirus Lockdown, we created a “Stay At Home Challenge”. The challenge used fun, easy to set-up skills tests with expert scientific analysis to work out if your child’s level of ability at skills such as running, jumping and throwing is on track with their age.

This level of ability is known as their Sporting Age.

Now we have the platform in place, school children aged 5 to 11 can find out their Sporting Age online and at home.

The Sporting Age Stay At Home Challenge

The Sporting Age Stay At Home Challenge was designed to keep your child fit, active and progressing their movement skills while they were away from school. You could say it’s a replacement PE lesson where the parent becomes the teacher!

The challenge gave you the evidence that your child has learned and developed through the process – all while using everyday household items like towels and socks to create fun, interactive lessons!

Watch our video to find out more.

Clear Some Space!

Find a safe working space and footwear or bare feet suitable for the surface you are working on. See our checklist before for what you will need, and then get going! Click on each of the videos, in turn, to watch the demonstrations and follow the simple instructions. Then, give it a go and have fun! Finally, record your scores at the bottom of this page.

Challenge Check List

Exercise One - Speed Bounce

You will need 1 rolled up bath towel if you are in years 1 to 4, and 2 towels if you are in year 5 or 6.

Exercise Two - Target Throw

You will need 2 rolled up bath towels, 3 tins of food or toilet rolls, a tape measure and 10 pairs of rolled-up socks:

TOP TIP: If you don’t have a tape measure, 2 metres is just over 6 and a half sheets of A4 paper lengthways on!

Exercise Three - Fast Feet

You just need a safe space and a family member to count your total for this one.

How Did You Do?

Well done for getting active! We hope you had fun. Now please complete and submit your scores and details below:

Find Out More

For more support working with PE and physical activities at home, please view our resources. For more information about how Sporting Age can help your school, or to learn about the results of our challenge, please contact us.

Sporting Age

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Sporting Age

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